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There is a Coup Coming and I am Cassandra


I have never felt more like Cassandra in my life. Cassandra, the priestess who was given the power to see the future by Apollo, but because she wouldn’t love him, cursed by him to also never be believed. 

We are about to experience a Republican coup in this country. All the signs are there. The Trump administration is simply ignoring its mandate to turn over power to the Biden administration. The lawsuits don’t matter. They are theater to bang the drum of “Fraud!”

What matters is that Republicans are planning to use Republican legislatures in states where they have the majority in the state house to claim that the popular vote has been corrupted, claim Constitutional authority to to submit a completely different slate of electors for the state — ones that would vote for Trump — and ask Congress to accept their vote instead. 

This would create a Constitutional crisis, since the Democratic-controlled House would vote against it, and the Republican-controlled Senate would vote for it, wreaking a kind of havoc that hasn’t been seen in this country for well over 100 years. If you want to read the details of this plan and the consequences — which I recommend — read this article 

The problem is that Democrats don’t seem to want to believe this is going to happen, yet it seems obvious to me that it will. 

  • Apparently some 70% of Republicans believe that the election results are invalid, despite there being zero actual evidence of it. 
  • Trump, his sons, and people like Newt Gingrich, Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh, and many others, are promoting the idea that there’s been massive fraud — which of course there has been, by the Republicans — and that the Democrats are trying to “steal the election.” 
  • The coordinated, weaponized language they are using, “legal ballots” vs. “illegal ballots” is meant to support unfounded theories of fraud and open the door to invalidating wide swaths of Biden ballots
  • All but a few Republican politicians are refusing to refer to Biden as President-elect or acknowledge that he won the presidency
  • GSA administrator Emily Murphy is refusing to sign the transition paperwork to allow the Biden administration to receive money and access to government.
  • Trump has literally walled off the White House like a war-time bunker, in the obvious expectation of overwhelming protest and riots (in response to his stealing the election)
  • The Supreme Court is packed with partisans who are on board with this, especially Kavanaugh (who has written a recent opinion about this*) and Thomas, and one must assume, Barrett, otherwise she’d never have been chosen. 
  • Trump is riling up his base who are dutifully protesting with high-powered artillery in the streets, many of them prepared to use it in a new Civil War should Trump not win this coup. 
  • Attorney General Bill Barr, whose office traditionally stays out of electoral issues, has issued orders to “investigate fraud” in the election.
  • Trump has made his plans public. He’s said all these things. He and  his administration have used “jokes” as a way to distance himself from accountability, but as we know, on the right wing, “jokes” are just a way of being able to say something while claiming deniability. But how many times have we seen him / them “joke” about something only to then go do it. By now we should know better. Pompeo recently “joked” about “the transition will be smooth to Trump’s second term.”

Democrats and independents largely want to believe that this is all bluster and theater, in preparation for Trump to disappear to Mar-A-Lago for good, while coming up with a way to pay off his legal fees and campaign debts by bilking his followers. While the second part of that is clearly true, the first part, that he’ll just disappear to Mar-A-Lago never to be seen again, is just wishful thinking.

We just don’t want to believe that this is possible AND HAPPENING NOW.

At best, he will start a media company and use it as a bully pulpit to cause more chaos and anti-democratic sentiment, while using the Infowars model of selling all kinds of crap to his rabid followers.

Trump loves the attention, he loves the chaos. He thrives on both. He craves power. He detests losing. Trump planned on a second (or third, or fourth) term, and will do everything in his power to get it. He has no care for norms, laws, or standards, and will do anything to achieve what he wants. We’ve seen this in the last four years, why should it surprise us now?

Just look at just some of the fraud he perpetrated going into the election:

  • Kneecapping the USPS, a constitutionally-mandated agency
  • Promoting that mail-in ballots are fraudulent
  • Shamelessly promoting that Democrats would steal the election, while doing everything he could to steal the election
  • Working with state officials to purge the voter rolls of Democrats, limit early voting, and limit voting sites in Democratic-leaning districts
  • Executing orders to allow him to fire non-partisan government employees in order to create his own “deep state” of loyalists

If we were observing this happen in any other country, it would be obvious that this is all a prelude to a coup. But Democrats don’t want to see it here. We believe that “it can’t happen here,” that “it’s just smoke and mirrors,” “drama.” 

Citizens should be out in the streets protesting the coming coup; let the Republicans know that we see what they are trying and we will not allow it. Republicans are floating these ideas, seeing what they can get away with. And so far, they are getting away with everything because we’re not responding. 

Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, and all of them should be calling it out as Trump’s plans, and vowing to fight it. They should be exposing it to sunlight and rallying the troops to prepare for taking over the streets and shutting down the country. 

But instead, there’s a sense of “everyone remain calm, there’s no way he’d actually do this. He’s just making noise.”

I promise you, he’s not “just making noise.” Now is the time to get out in the streets and tell the GOP “NO, WE’RE NOT GOING TO LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS.” It’s the time for our leadership to begin their own lawsuits and make it clear that THEY are not going to let Trump and the Republicans get away with this.

It may already be too late. But if we don’t, we’re nearly guaranteed another four, eight, or more years of Trump in the White House, dismantling institutions that can threaten him, ignoring health mandates, enriching himself and his cronies, all the while, destroying America as we know it. 

Call your representatives and senators and tell them to get on this. Get out on the street. Organize protests. Now is the time to act before all is lost. Here’s a protest event to get you started:

* Kavanaugh’s opinion