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Why not give up?

Because there’s a future whether we like where we are now or not. Because love is stronger than hate, even though in the short-term it doesn’t always seem like it. Because no matter what they do, we must keep our dignity and hope. Because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice (MLK). Because despair is contagious, but so are hope and kindness.

Because we can’t. 

Because the alternative is to live in a world that is ruled by rage and selfishness. Because there are more of us than them, even though they are louder and more obnoxious right now. Because they cannot be allowed to destroy democracy without a fight. Because they are slaves to their fears, and we are inspired by our dreams. Because others need us to fight, and we are protectors.

Because giving up and giving in is too close to consent, and we do not consent to this wholesale corruption, selfishness, greed, and cruelty. Because we are believers in kindness. Because we see beauty. Because we believe in justice. Because we believe in inherent good in the majority of people. Because we know that this is a minority of loud but powerful people, and we can defeat them in the end. Because we will fight for this. Because we must.

Because those before us fought so that we could have the freedoms and happinesses and rights that we have. Because we must honor their struggles. Because our we are fighting for our childrens’ future — all childrens’ futures, even those of our opponents. Because they may not see a world where justice is possible. Because they may not want a world where justice for all is possible. Because they are — whether they mean to or not — are creating a world of pettiness and cruelty and we will not sit idly by and watch.

Because our children are watching what we do and will follow in our footsteps or judge us for our inaction. Because we are driven by joy and visions of our children in a just and nurturing world rather than a world in which they dominate others.

Because we may never reach the ideals we have, but we will shoot for the stars and settle for the moon if we must. But we *will* shoot for the stars no matter what.