White Supremacists in the DHS Sending Coded Press Releases, and nothing’s being done.

I’d like to share this very disturbing page from the Department of Homeland Security that is clearly written in not-so-subtle coded form for white supremacists. I would as that Rep. Butterfield open an investigation into who published and approved this. ( https://www.dhs.gov/news/2018/02/15/wemustsecureborder-and-build-wall-make-america-safe-again ). Also attached as PDF.

The reasons this is so disturbing are:

  • This uses the “14 words” of white supremacy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourteen_Words in the title, adapted to a border wall
  • There are 14 sections (13 bullets + 1 callout)
  • In the 13th bullet, they clearly purposely use the number “88” which stands for HH or Heil Hitler (see the above Wikipedia article) and the number 13, which stands for the Aryan Circle (Seehttps://www.adl.org/education-and-resources/resource-knowledge-base/hate-symbols) to show a percentage, which is probably not 88% and 12% but they make it fit.
  • This is an official news item on the DHS website. The person responsible needs to be fired, prosecuted, and the editors, or whoever approved it needs to be investigated to make sure they were unaware of it. There needs to be an investigation into white supremacists at DHS and other law enforcement, because clearly this person is not the only one, or he? wouldn’t have thought he’d get away with it.

Some more supporting information:


I shared this with my congressman, GK Butterfield but have not heard anything despite several followup calls. I realize there’s an election going on, but this is incredibly disturbing. Please publish something about it and ask Senators and Reps why they haven’t done anything about it.

This DHS White Supremacist Press Release has been online since Feb 18, 2018 and NO ONE has done anything about it.

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